Join us in this premiere episode of ‘Content in the Kitchen’ as we chat with Eric Doty, a mastermind in solo content creation and currently leading Dock’s content strategy to monumental organic growth. Learn how you can automate and scale your content creation process, from project management strategies to leveraging tools like Airtable.

Eric shares his work smarter not harder approach to task prioritization, contractor collaboration, and nurturing creativity amidst a demanding solo content marketing journey.

Learn how to harness the power of community to fuel your passion and prevent burnout. Plus, don’t miss Eric’s personal touch—a favorite recipe that keeps him going.

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Meet the Guest: Eric Doty

Eric is the Content Lead for Dock—a tool that organizes sales and onboarding into one workspace for prospects and customers. By night, he is a husband, wiener dog parent, and sports fan. He occasionally twilights as a freelance writer for B2B SaaS companies.

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