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Optimized Content Briefs

Consider a SEO Content Brief, also known as a content outline, as the recipe for your content creation. It outlines the crucial structure and components needed to craft helpful content that not only engages your audience but also excels in search engines.

By mixing together key SEO elements such as search intent, keywords, and competitive analysis, it paves the way for content that’s optimized for high search engine rankings. It also provides writers with clear guidelines, significantly increasing the likelihood of producing an initial draft that not only meets your quality expectations but is also optimized and ready to publish.

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How it works

Our Working Process

It’s 1/3 getting to know you and 2/3 conducting deep research for the ultimate recipe.

1. Begin With Your Vision

Upon intake, you will identify your target keyword that you would like an SEO Content Brief created for. We also use this step to understand your goal with this new piece of content and brand style.

2. Strategic SEO Research

Our SEO experts then conduct in-depth research to learn what kind of information your audience wants to know about your chosen keyword / topic. This step helps guide the entire outline.

3. Competitor Research

Here we analyze the top ranking blog posts for your target keyword and identify any patterns, such as heading structure, word count range, keywords, and more.

4. Crafting Your Content Brief

This is where the magic happens! Based on the research and data, we start to form the optimized outline including recommended title, headings, keywords, word count, meta descriptions, and more.

5. Delivery Day

You’ll receive your optimized content brief directly in your inbox, completely prepared for you to pass along to your writer (or you!). If you prefer, our team of talented writers is on standby to write the content for you.

Example Deliverables

Below are screenshots from one SEO Content brief for the keyword: Greek Pasta Salad. The full deliverable includes even more information such as user intent, related keywords, and additional competitor information.

Article Summary

Writer directive and guidelines to follow

Heading Structure

And suggested info to include for each section

Competitor Data

Compare current ranking articles

Example Deliverable

Topic Ideation

For a Southern Cooking Recipe Blog

Topic Ideation

For a Southern Cooking Recipe Blog

Topic Ideation

For a Southern Cooking Recipe Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our SEO Content Brief service? We’ve got answers.

What exactly is included in a SEO Content Brief?

Our SEO Content Briefs include identifying:
Search Intent: Identify the true user intent behind the topic to help guide writers.

Suggested Title: SEO-friendly titles that clearly capture the topic and attract readers.

Headings: Clear and helpful headings for easy navigation and better search engine understanding.

Meta Description: Engaging meta descriptions to boost visibility and click-through rates.

Word Count: Recommended word count range for a comprehensive and engaging piece of content.

And More: Extra details include current ranking data and insights from keyword and competitor research for a fully optimized outline.

How can a SEO Content Brief streamline my content creation process?

By providing a clear structure, key points to cover, and SEO strategies to implement, the outline reduces the time and effort typically spent on planning and organizing content.

This detailed roadmap helps writers focus on delivering quality content without the back-and-forth often required to clarify SEO objectives or restructure drafts.

It reduces the likelihood of extensive edits and rewrites, as the content is already aligned with your goals and SEO needs right from the start. Essentially, a well-prepared content outline means your team can produce high-quality, effective content more quickly and with less effort. Wins all around!

Do I get my own account manager?

Yes! You will be assigned a dedicated Project Coordinator who will be there to onboard you, work on your project with you, and be there for any questions you have along the way via email support in your client portal.

Can it be customized for my brand's voice and style?

Each SEO Content Brief comes with specific styling instructions for the writer, tailored to match your brand's unique voice and style. This ensures your content remains consistent with your brand's style.

How long does it take to receive the deliverable?

We do a LOT of research! So, the typical turnaround time for a content outline is about 14 days, but can vary. Your dedicated Project Coordinator will guide you with an accurate due date.

How can a SEO Content Brief improve my rankings?

Content outlines are created to improve your SEO strategy by including specific keywords and a clear heading structure, making your content more visible on search engines. The outline is carefully structured to follow SEO guidelines, with organized headings, a logical flow, and a clear information hierarchy, helping search engines to index and rank your content better. Optimizing these elements in your content outline can greatly enhance your chances of your new piece of content ranking higher on search engines.

How does a content outline benefit my specific niche?

Content outlines are designed to cater to the unique needs of different industries, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in your niche. It aims to outline how a piece of content can cover a keyword or topic in its entirety within a niche. So, regardless of the keyword niche or industry, we can create a SEO Content Brief for you.

What if I need revisions to the SEO Content Brief?

Our content outlines are meticulously crafted with SEO as the foremost consideration, ensuring they cover the information your target audience seeks about the given keyword or topic. This thorough and strategic approach elliminates any need for revisions.

guidance for you and writers

A Blueprint For Success

Think of a SEO Content Brief as the architectural plan for your content. It details the structure and key elements necessary for constructing content that resonates with your audience and performs well in search engines.

The outline provides clear instructions and guidelines for writers, increasing the likelihood of producing a high-quality first draft that aligns with your expectations.

Plus, it emphasizes SEO by incorporating elements like search intent, keywords, and competitive analysis, making it a gateway to creating content designed to rank well in search engines.

All essential elements of a delicious piece of content!

Let us handle the complex research and optimization. This frees up your valuable time and resources, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial tasks with confidence.

By integrating SEO strategies, such as keyword targeting and competitive analysis, SEO Content Briefs ensure your content is optimized for higher ranking opportunities.

Creating content that directly answers the needs and questions of your target audience leads to more engaging and relevant material they’ll love.

Quality content that appeals to both human readers and Google’s algorithms can significantly increase click-through rates, engagement, and organic reach. Meaning more conversion opportunities for you!

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